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About Kill La Kill

Kill la Kill is an anime series that relates the story of school girl Ryuko Matoi. Ryuko Matoi is in search for her father’s killer. Honnouji Academy is the place where action takes place. Honnouji Academy is under the control of terrifying student council. These students terrify the other students and staff as they have special super power. They get this power by wearing a special uniform. Ryukocan only fight the student council if she gets a uniform. Ultimately, she manages to get a sailor suit-style uniform. Hence, she uses the power of uniform to defeat student council.

Ryukos Clothing

Ryūko is a girl of seventeen with average height and normal-length black hair. She wears a simple white shirt with a red ribbon tie and white sneakers. Later. She gets navy blue sailor uniform. The shirt of the uniform has a crop top with mid-length sleeves. Her sailor-style collar has a Neckerchief of red color. It has a red, triangular ventilation grill on the upper back.

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