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The Character Of Nendoroid Kirby

Kirby Nendoroidis a small protagonist of the ‘Kirby’ game series. He is the little guy withcustomary neutral happy face. Despite his littleness, Kirby has many charismatic abilities.Therefore, he is a renownedvideo game figure.

Kirby Nendoroid Physical Appearance

Kirby has a round body of pinkcolor with stretchy abilities. He has small thick arms and large red feet with oval shapeeyes.

Kirby Personality

Kirby is a smiling and innocent guy with positive attitude. Kirby is almost a mute personexcept a few words which he speaks at different occasion.

Kirby Nendoroid: A Character with Unique Abilities.

Kirby Nendoroid is a character with unique abilities.He has stretchy mouth and can suck things and his opponents. He also has the power to spitthem out with force. He can imitate abilitiesof his enemy byswallowing them. He can even transform these abilities into new shapes. He can exhalefire, use a sword, spread sparks to everyside, or combatfoes one-to-one. In the game, when peace in his Dream Land is at threat, nendoroid Kirby plays the role of a brave warrior in saving his home.

Kirby Nendoroid Anime Figure

Kirby Nendoroid has a round shape with magnets in it. Eachpart of the body has a small magnet which allows limbs to move around the whole sphere. His arms and legs are all magnetic. With these magnets you can pose andmove his parts around smoothly. The magnets not only supports the body movement but make this figure one of the most articulated figures.Some other optional parts are ‘Sword’, ‘Fire’ and ‘Star Rod’. With these part you can reconstruct your favorite poses from the game. So, Kirby Nendoroid figure is more than just a cute statue.

Variety Of Facial Expression

Kirby Nendoroid has variety of facial expression. Besides standard happy smiling face, he has got angry face, gulping face, puffed up face, and a cross action face. All the three supplementary faces come have a perfect art work. But the puffed-up face have an extra projection.

Supplementary Support

Kirby generally have silicone kind of soft coating. There is one foot back and one foot forward. But these rounded feet do not provide much balance. Therefore,Kirby Nendoroid has a little hole in the back for plugging supportive stand. This stand gives it thesupplementary support.Just like the rod the sword connects the other hand. The fireball effect part has its own little moveable stand just in front of the figure’s mouth.

Ice Kirby Nendoroid

Ice kirby nendoroid is pretty cool with all his ice stuff. Ice Kirby is basically blue. It comes with his ice crown.

Packaging Of Kirby Nendoroid

Kirby Nendoroidcomes in a large packing than the size of the figure. The reason is that there are three additional faceplates and optional parts. Nendoroid Kirby is the cutest figure. Everything about it is perfect. You may call it a masterpiece. Visit Famouscosplay for the best anime figures